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18 November 2015

The ALF Veterans Boat Restoration Project – ‘ready for launch’

Article by Ryan Brown

Throughout 2015 Barry Lewis has helped a former soldier in Essex to re-gain his confidence through sailing and boat maintenance. The outcomes have been remarkable, so when Steve Adams at the Wakering boat yard suddenly offered the Foundation a free boat for a restoration project, Barry immediately seized the opportunity to do something new and beneficial for the local veteran community. He quickly recruited fellow sailor Brian Jones (father of ALF Trustee Simon Jones) to help with the scheme and the ‘ALF Veterans Boat Restoration Project’ was born.

The project aims to bring together a group of veterans who will benefit from the fellowship, a renewed sense of purpose and from learning new skills (both practical and nautical). After much hard work putting the necessary administration in place and working with other charities and ALF supporters to identify local veterans who would benefit from the project, it is ready to go.  The first task will be to inspect and prepare the boat to be moved to the Carter & Ward yard in Rochford (where it will be restored).

Anyone interested in participating as a veteran volunteer who might benefit from the project, should contact Mr Barry Lewis on 01702 544644 to discuss the project. A copy of the project outline and one page application form can be found at the links below.

DOWNLOAD ALF Veterans Boat Restoration Project-Mandate

DOWNLOAD ALF Veterans Boat Restoration Project Participant Form-Draft