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13 September 2015

Lynette’s Story

Article by Ryan Brown

In the summer of 2015, I journeyed to Malawi on a voluntary teaching placement with Gap 360. I learnt what life is like for people in situations so different from my own, and through that learnt not to pity them but befriend them. They seem to be so wholly content with life, despite not having much, and I think that’s such an important virtue to have.

Living the simple life of a volunteer honestly brought me so much contentment; sure there was no hot water and insects invaded every surface of the house, but I was happy and can truly say I smiled and laughed constantly. There wasn’t a single day in Malawi that I was ever sad, and I guess that shows a lot about the people. For two weeks, I loved my life, I loved the kids I was teaching, I loved the friends I made, I loved walking through the village, I loved how friendly everyone was… I even grew to love the dusty dirt road! It was truly an experience that enriched me as a person, and I’m glad to say I’ve come back with gratitude for everything and everyone I have in my life.

Thank you, ALF, for giving me the opportunity to live and experience what life can be like when one leaves their comfort zone.